Hats off!

Marketing is valuable in the sales of handbags, soda and concert tickets. Most recently, these Madison Avenue practices are being applied to the not-for-profit world.

At work, we sell luxury handbags, and hope. Here I offer what works. What works on Madison Avenue,  and what works on Main Street, what works in the minds of marketers, and the hearts of philanthropists.

We take a very good look at best practices and metrics. We live in a world where things need to work, dollars need to show return. Philanthropy has increasingly become an investment, vs. a gift. Problems such as homelessness, hunger, mental health and AIDS, are now viewed as solvable.

By example, there is a timeline to eradicate AIDS. Growing up in New York City as the first cases of AIDS were occurring, not yet named, and so far from treatment, it is enormously gratifying to see that we can now imagine a world without AIDS. It is tremendously gratifying when philanthropy invests in problems that money can solve.

Here you will find examples of not-for-profit organizations using the tools of marketing as well as any Fortune 500 company or consumer brand. I have had the good fortune to work on projects that I believe fall into the category of exemplary. The majority of work featured here is done by peers for whom I have enormous respect. Hats off to the creative professionals using their time and talents to make the world a better place.

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