Marketing to change public opinion is a challenge. Even when all evidence weighs in for a behavior, or a change in behavior, advocating for change isn’t easy.  Ask Al Gore.

In the last ten years – the greatest change in public opinion in the United States has been the legalization, and the acceptance, of marriage equality. Legal acceptance and public sentiment do not necessarily go hand in hand.

In 1919, women were given the right to vote. To some, that signified equality, and yet here in 2016, women are paid 21% less then their male counterpart for completing the same tasks. This is an example of legal rights unaccompanied by public opinion.

We know the same issue to be true for people based on color, not just gender.

So when we see that two men can marry with the approval of the law, and the acceptance of their neighbors, when women can can live openly at home, and at work – we see a very rare execution of advocacy in the courts, and the streets – a change as President Obama states, in the minds and the hearts of Americans.

The Freedom to Marry Act was executed by a large team, led by Evan Wolfson and Marc Solomon. Their work is documented by Solomon in Winning Marriage.


And it is shared here in this brilliant case study, where you can  “Dive deep into the strategy, story, and development of the vital programs and tactics Freedom to Marry used to drive a national movement to victory”

Please be inspired. And inspire us.