Websites and the 501C3

A website can do an enormous amount of heavy lifting for a cause. It can present your case, engage your constituents, disseminate information, and help you to raise funds. Before someone clicks DONATE, what needs to happen? The constituent needs to find you! That means that the first step for any website is best practices in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  Be sure that your site works as well as it looks good. These two factors – form and function are independent of each other. Two – use YouTube —  the number 2 search engine, second only to Google and if your target market is young – it could be the number one search platform.



The Charity Water website is engaging, educational, uplifting and empowering. We know what they do, where, why and how to help, right from the landing page. Well done.


Keep abreast of best practices in the field at The Webby’s. These projects are typically handled by large agencies whose other work is for consumer brands. So you’ve got the brightest minds in advertising bringing their best practices to the field of philanthropy. They raise the bar every year.

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